Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prevailing Winds

Prevailing Winds

Note: this is the last of three blogs this week, one for each of my last three days in the Adirondack Mountains this year. 

Our lake cabin is in a cove on a long narrow lake, and the prevailing winds seem to constantly blow towards us. The wind driven currents gently push leaves, weeds and pine needles into our cove - been happening for years, and now that stuff is built up in front of our boathouse almost almost to the point that I can’t get the boat in or out.  But this isn’t about the boat.

I need to unclog a lane in front of the boathouse in order to get our boats in and out, and have taken to raking this debris: it’s not easy, and it (affectionately referred to as muck around here) is seemingly endless. I have a suspicion that no matter how much I rake, there will always be more. 

These currents, and that muck, are similar to what happens to us in life.  Everything – people, media, circumstances, weather, and time – tends to build up around us and clog our ability to get in and out of places and things. So maybe my raking in front of the boathouse really is a metaphor for clearing away the stuff in life that can build up around us and clog our minds and efforts. 

Sometimes it seems that the endless amount of ‘muck’ in our lives will never go away. But with the right attitude and the proper dedication we can begin to get rid of it and clear a path to our goals.  We need to focus on the stuff that gets in our way, be wise enough to know what to keep and then what to discard, and dedicated enough to work on this every day.  The world won’t stop and give us time to do this: it’s up to each of us to deal with whatever the prevailing wind blows our way.

My message today is about how nothing comes easy:

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” Elbert Hubbard

‘Nothing comes easy’ is something a former colleague often said.  Meaning: everything we do - style and quality - has to be the best (or don’t stop until it is the best). Think of all that you do each day: you’re responsible for and own the outcome of every one of those things. That means: hard work and attention to detail, and caring as much as if you were doing something for someone special.  Meaning: as if you were personally handing it to them.  And owning it: as if you were to sign your name to it.  None of those – singly or together - are easy: but persistence and effort can turn any of the things you do – some good, and others less than that - into a glorious success. Glorious and successful: that’s the goal!

Stay Well!

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