Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Resolution

Another Resolution
How many New Years resolutions have you made in your life?  Most of us make at least one every year, but it’s not how many you make; it’s really how many you keep.

We’ve all made the one about losing weight.  If that were so easy we wouldn’t have to make it a special one, and if we were successful we wouldn’t have to keep repeating it.  And we’ve all made the one about being a better person.  Again, don’t you think that would be one that wouldn’t need repeating?  Or: how many times have you heard or read one and said: “that’s the one”?  Just goes to prove that there’s not much new in the universe.

So what’s the deal with these resolutions anyways?  Presumably they focus us on something that will make us feel or act or be better.  Sure it’s good to have goals, but if any are good to have then there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion to declare and commit to them.

What if every day we got up and just reminded ourselves about: being nice and kind and honest and humble, doing what’s right, smiling and laughing more, saying please and thank you, honoring our mothers and fathers and other elders, speaking well of others, promoting fairness, learning new things, and countless other efforts that help us to be better tomorrow that we are today?

So maybe all of those will be my resolutions for 2014.... and beyond.  And if every morning I remind myself, and if every day I catch myself, and if every evening I remind myself then just maybe I’ll become the person I aspire to be.  And like most things in life, that will be a continuous work in progress.

My message this week is about trying to become the person you want to be:

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu

Are you content?  That could refer to money, profession, family, or stature; but it could also refer to whether you’re content with yourself.  Possibly one of the hardest things in life is to like who you are: the person that you see when you look in the mirror.  Do you say and do the appropriate things: the kinds of things that others respect and trust?  Are you kind and considerate: the kinds of characteristics that others appreciate and follow.  Can you be counted on when called upon: the type of person that others can rely on no matter what?  To do any or all of these you must be content with yourself, so don’t compare yourself to or compete with others.  Be open and honest in your dealings with others and everyone will respect you.  Consider this as you begin to live your New Year’s Resolutions this week!

Happy New Year!

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