Friday, March 1, 2013



It never used to matter if you were long-winded or short and to-the-point.  As long as you knew what you were talking about the message usually got through.  Not any more.

We used to communicate in many ways, using lots of different media….but today it’s all about Tweeting in 140 characters or less.  It’s all about quick questions, quick answers, and quick statements.  And sometimes the thought process is just as quick, and that can lead to problems.  Because when we get things so quickly and easily, we then feel the need to respond nearly as quickly – and that can lead to mistakes and misstatements.  Once you hit “send”, there’s almost no going back.

And then there’s the incentive to use grammatical shortcuts, n ths cn be a prblm 2.  Wht hpnd 2 gd gramr, lol??  It seems that today it’s more about speed and being hip than about being thoughtful and correct. Technology shouldn’t be used to diminish our ability to communicate correctly and effectively or reduce the time we spend face to face with others.  A world of shortcuts is not always best.

So think before you Tweet, take time to say what you mean, and then mean what you say.  U wl b J u dd.

My message this week is about feeling good about yourself:

 “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” Gautama Buddha

What do you think you are?  That’s not as simple a question as it seems: because the answer should define the essence of you.  While most might answer with something superficial or simple, the real answer lies among the things you do and the way you act.  These are the things that make up what others see, and these hopefully represent the things you’re most proud of about yourself. What you think of yourself colors your thoughts and shapes your world, so take time to look within yourself, understand those things and learn the answers to who and what you are.  And be proud of them.

Welcome to March & Stay well!

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