Monday, December 31, 2012

The Countdown

 The Countdown

I often visit a web site that has a monthly countdown clock and that gadget constantly reminds me of the passage of time. While we normally believe there will always be more time, that clock only reminds me of the time that’s passed.

As a kid I sensed that time passed often meant lost opportunities, and as I’ve grown older this awareness tends to haunt me.  Did I do enough, was I kind enough, am I sensitive enough, did I say something I’d like to take back, or could I have done something differently: you get the idea.  And while I generally think of myself as a glass half full, it’s the silent half empty portion that comes to mind when I see time passing by.

So at this time of year, when resolutions are bandied about, I can’t help thinking about things left unsaid or undone, and I can’t avoid wishing I would or could or should have done more, said more, been more.  I write these blogs each week as an aspirational reminder to myself of all that could be, and between each writing the countdown clock keeps ticking.  So if there’s a resolution in me, it’s that I will try harder to care more, do more, and be more in 2013. Take a moment today to make a personal resolution to do what it takes to be all you can be next year.

Happy New Year!!

My message this week is about living life fully and passionately:

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Ferdinand Foch

When’s the last time you were so excited about something that it felt like you were on fire?  Sometimes we get so busy that it feels like our hair is on fire.  And other times we’re so frazzled that it feels like our pants are on fire.  And then there are the times that we get moving so fast that it feels like the bottoms of our feet are on fire.  And for sure, when we’re in love it feels like our hearts are on fire.  Because when you are doing something that you really love, that you’re really passionate about, that you are full of enthusiasm about, that’s when it feels like life itself is on fire.  So when you’re doing something for a customer, when you’re working on a project that is important to your boss or company, and when you know that what you’re doing will make a difference - that’s when you should become a powerful force, when your whole being should be on fire with passion and excitement.  Become that kind of powerful weapon today!

Stay Well!

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