Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food Freaks

Food Freaks

There are all kinds of places to eat in Brooklyn…some fancy, others cozy, and all have their own style.  Unique among them is a gourmet food cart that makes all kinds of grilled cheese dishes – it’s called Food Freaks.

The guy unhooks his trailer next to park entrances and next thing you know there’s a line of people waiting to eat.  Sort of like the Mister Softee trucks we all grew up with (and which are still around here).  On the one hand, it shows that good food is appreciated anywhere it’s offered; on the other, this trailer is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that you read so much about.  It isn’t high tech - just a new twist on a proven concept: people like unique food and settings.

But mostly, it recognizes the cravings we all have for the things we grew up with, and felt comfortable with, and often long for.  In this case, it’s the ever popular grilled cheese sandwich; but in a broader sense its comfort food.  And comfort food - like family, traditions and memories - is always appreciated.

This guy cooks and chats while serving the customers. No maitre’d, no fancy menus, no fine linen or atmosphere – just a simple meal to eat as you please.  Everywhere we look there are so many examples of noveau this and fancy that, and sometimes we forget that simple is better, that straight-forward is appreciated, that anything good stands on its own.  Next time you’re fixing dinner or doing something for others, make sure that the thing itself is good all by itself.  Because if it is, then you’ll have the basis for all the success you’ll ever need.

My message this week is about giving people what they want:

“Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get.”
-Nelson Boswell

Nelson Boswell is an author of three books: Inner Peace, Inner Power, TA for Busy People: How To Use Transactional Analysis at Home and at Work and Successful Living Day by Day.

What’s your rule?  I remember hearing Norman Schwarzkopf talk about his Rule #13: “When given command, take charge.” And when you do take charge, make sure that everything you do is more than others expect.  That doesn’t mean doing the unexpected – it means giving people what they asked for, and then adding a little something extra that will increase their appreciation.  It can be how you greet them or say goodbye, or giving a little extra on a task or report or project, or showing your appreciation for the opportunity.  In this fast-paced world, we all expect to just get the minimum; but in a very competitive world, that minimum effort won’t cut it.  And if you want to do or create great things, it takes that much more effort – you may have to learn more, you may have to practice more, and you certainly will want to interact better and more….because getting to great takes a great effort.  Make that your rule today!

Stay well!

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