Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park is another one of those idioms that means more than it actually says. According to the phrase 'A Walk in the Park' means something is going to be really easy; according to my dogs: a walk in the park is their favorite thing; and according to the folks in New York City: a walk to and in the park is a fun family pastime.  Take your pick.

This time of year is for families and outdoor fun, and nothing serves them better than the big park (or any park) in my (or any) neighborhood. The weather here was great this past holiday weekend: warm, not too muggy, sunny, and just right for a real walk in the park. My two Jack Russell terriers and I headed to the park several times, and each time we found different but similar scenes: people having a good time in the park.  Early morning: dog lovers let their dogs off leash for a romp in the park; Mid-morning: a farmer’s market sets up in the park; Lunch: the kid’s playground was full of kids at the park; Mid-afternoon: soccer, Frisbee, tennis and a new tightrope thing between trees that seems to have been inspired by Nik Wallenda’s recent walk over Niagara Falls all in the park; Late afternoon: more picnics than you can count in the park; and Evening: lovers and friends taking….. a walk in the park. All of it fun, and all as easy as… well… a walk in the park!

I grew up in a great neighborhood in a medium sized American town – lots of kids, lots of parks and open spaces to play in, and lots of fun: it was idyllic. We never would have imagined that people and kids in a really big city like New York could do and feel the same.  But they do, and so on my walks in the big park near my apartment I’ve discovered that happiness and fun are easy to come by anywhere.  Because it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with.  And in this fast paced, heads down, keep your eye on the ball world, that’s a lesson that needs to be learned and remembered, over and over, so we don’t ever forget it.

So as summer turns to fall, take time to find happiness and fun with those you’re with and care about. Make that a walk in the park!

My message this week is about doing things passionately:

“Enthusiasm is contagious. Be a carrier.”

-Susan Rabin

Susan Rabin is an author, seminar leader, therapist, communications consultant, coach, lecturer, writer and media personality. Susan is the Director of the School of Flirting® and President of Dynamic Communications, Inc., a company dedicated to building better business relationships.

Passion often manifests itself as enthusiasm – have you ever seen someone who says they are passionate about something but doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it.  That shouldn’t happen. Because when you really are passionate about something, you can’t stop thinking about it, or talking about it, or telling others about it, or looking for ways to improve it, or showing it to others. That’s why entrepreneurs spend days and nights working on what they’re passionate about. That’s why successful athletes and actors and politicians look for the cameras to tell their stories.  That’s because people who are successful at anything act enthusiastically.  And that enthusiasm is contagious – it spreads to the people who work with them, or play with them, or collaborate with them, or invent things with them, or do anything with them. It’s fun and exciting to be around people like that – right?  So remember that when you feel strongly about something – be enthusiastic; and make that enthusiasm contagious today!

Stay well!

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