Monday, July 19, 2010

The Heart of the Absolute Principle

“Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self-sacrifice.” Woodrow Wilson

As President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the passage of many social and economic reforms. It was during his second term that the 19th Amendment was passed, guaranteeing all women the right to vote. It was also during his second term that the League of Nations, for which he sacrificed so much, failed to be ratified by Congress.

Do you believe in self-sacrifice? It seems as though this type of behavior and concept are out of vogue these days: read the papers and tabloids, surf the Internet, watch television – it appears that most of the role models found there are more self-serving than self-sacrificing. Is it them, or is it the rest of us that put those people on pedestals and in spotlights? What happened to those heroes who challenged us to give more back to our communities than we took from them? Where are the leaders who challenged us to think more about others than we do about ourselves? Truth be told, these current faces in the tabloids don’t really inspire us to greater lives and purposes; if that’s true then who are we going to follow and be loyal to? We all need someone and something to believe in, to be loyal to, and to sacrifice for. Start today to look for and find that something or someone worthy of your loyalty and self-sacrifice, and dedicate yourself to the principles for which they stand.

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