Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whistle While You Work!

“Enthusiasm is the way you trigger other people’s emotions so they instinctively help and support you.” Paul Meyer

I have no idea who Paul Meyer is, but he’s right when he talks about inspiring others to helping and supporting you. Stop and think of the people you’ve worked with, or played with on a team, or went to a party with. All that stick out in your memory are those who did those things with a smile on their face, a positive bounce in their step and a winner’s mentality no matter what.

What’s on your schedule today? Probably more of the same from last week and yesterday – and often that’s not enough to spark your enthusiasm. Sure, you may want to get them done but will you do it with the gusto and attitude to make others want to join in and work hard with you? Whistle While You Work is a song written for the 1937 animated Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a catchy tune that should be taught to and practiced by all of us; the message is a clear as the title. Grumpy people, unfocused work, a who-cares attitude and a less than committed outlook won’t win games, help teams or win at anything. Think about the people you’re around every day – what is it that makes you admire some and not others? It’s the attitude – and it can’t be taught. But it can be practiced, learned and perfected – by you. Start now to have that smile on your face, that bounce in your step and that whistle in your work. You’ll work happier and better, and those around you will appreciate you a whole lot more. Try it today!

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