Saturday, August 22, 2009


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dream.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The Roosevelts were dreamers – Teddy dreamed of state and national parks, Eleanor of a better world order and Franklin focused on fixing a world gone awry with financial ruin and world conflict. Each, in their own way, saw both the good and the beautiful in their visions and made America’s twentieth century better as a result of their efforts. Their passionate approach to leadership created loyalty and admiration among millions of followers.

Think about the last time you tried to lead something or someone. Did you approach that effort with enthusiasm; did you explain it to others as though it really mattered to you; did you roll up your sleeves and pitch in as if the outcome were personally important; did you praise the efforts of others to make sure that all felt good about their efforts; did you help those in need of assistance or clarification to keep them on track; did you lead the others with humility and give credit where it was due; and did you thank everyone profusely no matter how much they participated??? Because if you didn’t do all of these things (and more) then chances are that the dream came up short in reality. Tomorrow, whatever it will be, depends on today’s efforts – be like the Roosevelts and let the beauty of the dream shine through. Bully!

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